AMINO Manufactures L-Histidine from Fermentation

Frellstedt (March 1st, 2018)

AMINO offers L-histidine based on non-animal raw materials.

The existing portfolio of fermentation products is consequently upgraded by L-histidine. “This addition to our product range steadily strengthens our business portfolio and we are just a few steps away from completing the range of amino acids from our own production“, comments Dr. Lutz Thomas, Managing Director of AMINO GmbH.

The semi-essential amino acid L-histidine possesses, thanks to the imidazole ring, aromatic properties whose central role in enzyme catalysis is of metabolic importance. As a component of hemoglobin L-histidine is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and therefore for the support of oxygen transport. In pharmaceutical applications, L-histidine is e.g. used as a component for infusion solutions. Because of L-histidine primarily having to be feed to infants, it is widely used in infant formula and in dietetic products.

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